March 05, 2007
Music Club Deluxe
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Album Review

Led by the singing and songwriting of Sky Saxon, the Seeds released two bona fide garage band classics in 1967, the defiant "Pushin' Too Hard" and the only slightly more refined "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," but then found it difficult to recapture that brilliantly snotty attitude again, although Saxon and company certainly tried. This two-disc set has pretty much all the Seeds anyone could possibly need, and it charts the band's various experiments from sledgehammer proto-punk through silly flower-power psychedelia to something that could almost pass for artsy prog rock, and it includes the two early hits as well as mildly interesting fare like the almost country-sounding "Fallin' Off the Edge (Of My Mind)" and the overwrought but intriguing "Travel with Your Mind." For all but the most ardent Seeds fan, though, a shorter, more concise collection might be a better bet.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pushin' Too Hard
  2. No Escape
  3. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
  4. Try to Understand
  5. Nobody Spoil My Fun
  6. Lose Your Mind
  7. It's a Hard Life
  8. The Other Place
  9. Mumble Bumble [Live]
  10. You Can't Be Trusted
  11. Excuse, Excuse
  12. Daisy Mae
  13. Night Time Girl [Live]
  14. Evil Hoodoo
  15. Mr. Farmer
  16. Satisfy You
  17. Pictures and Designs
  18. Tripmaker
  19. I Tell Myself
  20. A Faded Picture
  21. Rollin' Machine
  22. Just Let Go
  23. Up in Her Room [Live]
  24. 900 Million People Daily (All Making Love) [Live]
  25. A Thousand Shadows
  26. March of the Flower Children
  27. Travel with Your Mind
  28. Flower Lady and Her Assistant
  29. Now a Man
  30. Two Fingers Pointing on You
  31. Where Is the Entrance Way to Play?
  32. The Wind Blows Your Hair
  33. Six Dreams
  34. Fallin'
  35. Pretty Girl
  36. Moth and the Flame
  37. I'll Help You (Carry Your Money to the Bank)
  38. Plain Spoken
  39. One More Time Blues
  40. Creepin' About
  41. Fallin' Off the Edge (Of My Mind)
  42. Wild Blood
  43. She's Wrong
  44. Chocolate River
  45. Sad and Alone
  46. Mr. Farmer [Live]
  47. Satisfy You [Live]
  48. Can't Seem to Make You Mine [Live]
  49. Pushin' Too Hard [Live]