Eastlawn Records
Jazz, World Fusion, Post-Bop, Progressive Jazz, Fusion

Album Review

If you have trouble digesting computer-driven worldbeat, travel back in time to memories of the age of steamship travel via a 13-piece, Detroit-based jazz orchestra playing the sweet sounds of classic African pop for the duration of the cruise. Got songs by legends Masekela, Fela, Miriam Makeba, Ibrahim and more. Got a horn-of-plenty updated highlife. Want Langa langa, you say? Mbalax? Bikutsi? Sorry, the engines can't take it.
Bob Tarte, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sister Rosie
  2. Letter to Prospect Township
  3. Isangoma
  4. Special Branch
  5. Foyi-Foyi
  6. Ntyilo-Ntyilo
  7. Water No Get Enemy
  8. Deep Six