Rough Trade
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

As ever, the manic-depressive Holy Joy sing tales of love, drink, and loss. Unlike the claustrophobic feel of the previous albums, Positively Spooked is far more optimistic, something the band attributed to touring the former Soviet republics. Written in the so-called second Summer of Love, songs such as "Real Beauty Passed Through" and "Evening World Holiday Show," whilst not exactly rave music, reflect the upbeat dance culture of the time. The "up" mood of the album is best reflected by "Freda Cunningham," where the happy-go-lucky heroine is revealed to be the same tragic single mother in the single Rosemary Smith. According to the NME, Positively Spooked contains the greatest Band of Holy Joy song, "Bitten Lips" -- a song dedicated to Kay Kent, the deceased Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Although the distorted fairground element is still prevalent, a definite dance element is apparent, or as the song says, "Look Who's Changed with the Times."
Christian Smillie, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Real Beauty Passed Through
  2. Evening World Holiday Show
  3. Because It Was Never Resolved
  4. Unlikely Girl
  5. Shadows Fall
  6. Bitten Lips
  7. Here It Comes
  8. Hot Little Hopes
  9. Freda Cunningham
  10. Torch Me
  11. Positively Spooked
  12. Look Who's Changed wWith the Times