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Album Review

Originally put out by singer Betty Carter on her Bet-Car label, this set from her struggling years has since been reissued on CD by Verve. Joined by either Daniel Mixon or Onaje Alan Gumbs on piano, bassist Buster Wiliams and Louis Hayes or Chip Lyles on drums, Betty Carter really digs into the material (the majority of which are her originals), using unusual tempoes (and sometimes quick changes) and coming up with rather spontaneous and sometimes abstract interpretations; "You're a Sweetheart" (which has remained in Carter's repertoire for years) is a highlight.
Scott Yanow, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You're a Sweetheart
  2. I Can't Help It
  3. What Is It?
  4. On Our Way up (Sister Candy)
  5. We Tried
  6. Happy
  7. Sunday, Monday or Always
  8. Tight
  9. Children Learn What They Live
  10. Sounds (Movin' On)
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