June 17, 2008
EMD Int'l
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Album Review

This cube-sized doorstop is a 25-disc box set, an elaborate and expanded reissue of expanded reissues. In 1990, Virgin released four Simple Minds Themes sets. Each Themes volume contained five CD singles -- reissues of the band's singles from 1979 through 1990, essentially, with occasional bonus content in the form of live material and just what every Simple Minds fanatic needs: album tracks. And now, these Themes, which were like box sets, have been boxed, with a fifth Themes box added to the mix that extends the set's scope through 1992. These five Themes are packaged in elaborate foldout digipacks; one could unfold all the foldouts and tile a decent-sized room. Beyond a few extended versions and remixes, and what amounts to a double live album, there's nothing here for anyone who owns the Simple Minds albums from Life in a Day through Real Life, unless he or she is overly fascinated with something so extravagant being placed into circulation in 2008.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Travel
  2. Celebrate
  3. Film Theme
  4. The American
  5. League of Nations
  6. Sound in 70 Cities
  7. Love Song
  8. This Earth That You Walk Upon
  9. Life in a Day
  10. Sweat in Bullet
  11. 20th Century Promised Land
  12. League of Nations [Live]
  13. In Trance as Mission [Live]
  14. Promised You a Miracle
  15. Theme for Great Cities
  16. Seeing Out the Angel
  17. Glittering Prize [Club Mix]
  18. New Gold Dream ( [German 12" Remix]
  19. Glittering Prize [Theme]
  20. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
  21. King Is White and in the Crowd
  22. Soundtrack for Every Heaven
  23. Waterfront
  24. Hunter and the Hunted [Live]
  25. C Moon Cry Like a Baby
  26. Speed Your Love to Me [Extended Mix]
  27. Speed Your Love to Me
  28. Bass Line
  29. Don't You (Forget About Me)
  30. Up on the Catwalk [Extended Version]
  31. A Brass Band in African Chimes
  32. Alive and Kicking
  33. Alive and Kicking [Instrumental]
  34. Up on the Catwalk [Live]
  35. Sanctify Yourself [Extended Mix]
  36. Sanctify Yourself [Dub]
  37. Love Song [Live]
  38. Street Hassle [Live]
  39. All the Things She Said [Extended]
  40. Promised You a Miracle [US Remix]
  41. Don't You (Forget About Me) [Live]
  42. Ghostdancing [12"]
  43. Ghostdancing [Instrumental]
  44. Jungleland [12"]
  45. Jungleland [Instrumental]
  46. Promised You a Miracle
  47. Book of Brilliant Things
  48. Glittering Prize
  49. Celebrate
  50. Belfast Child [Full Length Version]
  51. Mandela Day
  52. Biko
  53. This Is Your Land [Full Length Version]
  54. Saturday Girl
  55. Year of the Dragon
  56. Kick It In [LP Version]
  57. Waterfront [89 Remix]
  58. Big Sleep [Live]
  59. Kick It In [Unauthorised Mix]
  60. Sign O' the Times
  61. Let It All Come Down
  62. Sign O' the Times [CJ Mackintosh Mix]
  63. Jerusalem
  64. Street Fighting Years
  65. Mandela Day
  66. Kick It In
  67. Let There Be Love [Extended Mix]
  68. Goodnight
  69. Let There Be Love [7" Mix]
  70. Alive and Kicking [Live]
  71. See the Lights [Julian Mendelsohn Extended Remix]
  72. Theme for Great Cities '91 [Extended Version]
  73. Theme for Great Cities '91 [Edit]
  74. Soul Crying Out [Live]
  75. Standy by Love
  76. King Is White and in the Crowd [Live]
  77. Let There Be Love [Live]
  78. Real Life [Edit]
  79. See the Lights [Live]
  80. Belfast Child [Live]
  81. Love Song [Extended Mix]
  82. Love Song [Live]
  83. Travelling Man [Live]
  84. Oh Jungleland [Live]
  85. Alive and Kicking [Live]