July 22, 2008
Cooking Vinyl Records
Pop/Rock, Psychedelic, Folk-Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Folk

Album Review

Released in tandem with Janis Ian's autobiography, Society's Child, this best-of compilation collects all the songs mentioned in the book, as well as several rarities. Ian's first demo, a distorted lo-fi version of "Hair of Spun Gold," makes a welcome appearance, while "Ginny the Flying Girl" arrives via a 1981 Sesame Street album. Also notable are the handful of re-recorded songs on this two-disc collection, as well as several live tracks. Perhaps this isn't the definitive Janis Ian anthology for casual fans -- it's too specialized for that -- but Ian enthusiasts should make it a staple of their collections.
Andrew Leahey, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hair of Spun Gold
  2. God & the FBI
  3. Silly Habits
  4. Society's Child
  5. Haven't I Got Eyes
  6. Jesse
  7. Stars
  8. Thankyous
  9. This Train Still Runs
  10. At Seventeen [Album Version]
  11. Love Is Blind
  12. Fly Too High
  13. Arms Around My Life
  14. His Hands
  15. When Angels Cry
  16. My Tennessee Hills
  17. Every Love
  18. Some People's Lives
  19. Stolen Fire
  20. Days Like These
  21. Tattoo
  22. Through the Years
  23. I Hear You Sing Again
  24. Joy
  25. My Autobiography
  26. Hair of Spun Gold [Original Worktape]
  27. I Long for You [*]
  28. Ginny the Flying Girl [*]
  29. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye [*]
  30. Today You're Mine [*]
  31. At Seventeen [Single Version][*]