June 11, 2008
Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Harmonica Blues, Regional Blues

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Track Listing

  1. Gettin' out of Town
  2. Keep It to Yourself
  3. Red Hot Kisses
  4. Going in Your Direction
  5. Empty Bedroom
  6. No Nights by Myself
  7. Boppin' with Sonny (Clowning with the World)
  8. I'm Not Beggin' Nobody
  9. Shuckin' Mama
  10. From the Bottom
  11. Work with Me
  12. Don't Start Me Talkin'
  13. All My Love in Vain
  14. Good Evening Everybody
  15. You Killing Me
  16. Let Me Explain
  17. I Know What Love Is All About
  18. I Wonder Why
  19. Your Imagination
  20. Don't Lose Your Eye
  21. Keep It to Yourself
  22. Please Forgive (Keep It to Yourself)
  23. The Key
  24. Have You Ever Been in Love