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Album Review

This CD reissue in Joe Pass' "Virtuoso" series differs from the others in that the unaccompanied guitarist performs a dozen originals rather than standards. Pass, who previously had mostly composed blues-oriented pieces, proves to be a surprisingly effective composer, even if his song titles (which include "Sevenths," "Ninths," "Dissonance #1" and "Dissonance #2") are not too inspired. There are more ballads than usual in a Pass solo showcase, but there is enough variety to hold one's interest, even if none of these pieces (which includes one called "Paco DeLucia") caught on.
Scott Yanow, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Off Beat
  2. Trinidad
  3. Nina's Blues
  4. Sevenths
  5. Ninths
  6. Dissonance, No. 1
  7. Minor Detail
  8. Paco de Lucia
  9. Sultry
  10. Passanova
  11. Pasta Blues
  12. Dissonance, No. 2
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