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Album Review

Recorded between 1984 and 1987, Orbit's first Strange Cargo release is a dynamic album of quirky mood music, with the producer exploiting the full range of his synthesizer presets and evoking a quintessentially '80s style of Fourth World digitalia. Though they're all well produced, most of these tracks are suited more for use as musical beds on the Discovery Channel, and "Via Caliente" and "Riding to Rio" may be too bright and happy for fans of his later work. Still, "Silent Signals," "The Secret Garden," and "Scorpions" are contemplative ambience in league with early Tangerine Dream.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Via Caliente
  2. Fire and Mercy
  3. Jump Jet
  4. Silent Signals
  5. The Secret Garden
  6. Out of the Ice
  7. Scorpion
  8. Riding to Rio
  9. Jimmy's Jag
  10. The Mighty Limpopo
  11. Theme Dream
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