May 26, 2009
Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues

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Track Listing

  1. I Can't Quit You Baby
  2. Sit Down Baby
  3. Violent Love
  4. My Love Will Never Die
  5. Groaning the Blues
  6. If You Were Mine
  7. Love That Women
  8. Jump Sister Bessie
  9. Three Times a Fool
  10. She's a Good 'Un
  11. It Takes Time
  12. Checking on My Baby
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Keep on Loving Me Baby
  15. All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
  16. My Baby Is a Good 'Un
  17. Little Red Rooster
  18. All Your Love
  19. Love Me with a Feeling
  20. Everything Gonna Be Alright
  21. Look Whatcha Done
  22. All Night Long
  23. All My Whole Life
  24. Easy Baby
  25. 21 Days in Jail
  26. Love Me This Way
  27. Magic Rocker
  28. My Love Is Your Love
  29. Mr Charlie
  30. Square Dance Rock, Pt. 1
  31. Square Dance Rock, Pt. 2
  32. Everynight About This Time
  33. Do the Camel Walk
  34. Blue Light Boogie
  35. You Don't Have to Work
  36. Out of Bad Luck
  37. She Belongs to Me
  38. You Sure You Can't Do [Alternate Version]
  39. This Is the End [Alternate Version]
  40. I Hope You Come Back Home
  41. The Way You Been Treatin' Me
  42. Sit and Cry (The Blues)
  43. Try to Quit You Baby
  44. You Sure Can't Do
  45. This Is the End
  46. Good Things
  47. Too Many Cooks
  48. Heavy Heart Beat
  49. God's Gift to Man