July 14, 2009
Country, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary

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Track Listing

  1. Daytime Friends
  2. Desperado
  3. Rock and Roll Man
  4. Lying Again
  5. I'll Just Write My Music and Sing My Songs
  6. My World Begins and Ends with You
  7. Sweet Music Man
  8. Am I Too Late
  9. We Don't Make Love Anymore
  10. Ghost of Another Man
  11. Let Me Sing for You
  12. Love or Something Like It
  13. There's a Lot of That Going Around
  14. Buried Treasures
  15. Something About Your Song
  16. Momma's Waiting
  17. We Could Have Been the Closest of Friends
  18. I Could Be So Good for You
  19. Sail Away
  20. Even a Fool Would Let Go
  21. Highway Flyer
  22. Starting Again