Jazz, Post-Bop

Album Review

This CD is almost worth getting for the bizarre liner notes of Richard Santoro. During this era, pianist Kirk Lightsey (who also plays a bit of flute), bassist Cecil McBee, and drummer Don Moye formed the rhythm section of the Leaders, so their set is listed as being by "the Leaders Trio." The musicians perform two Lightsey originals, three by McBee, Moye's "Ode to Wilbur Ware," an obscure Gary Bartz tune, and the standard "This Is All I Ask." Although there is close interplay by the musicians, the pianist is the lead voice, so one can look at this set as being a date by the Kirk Lightsey Trio. Excellent modern mainstream music.
Scott Yanow, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Peacemaker
  2. Unc'a Bubba
  3. Cecil to Cecil
  4. This Is All I Ask
  5. Heaven Dance
  6. Little Big John
  7. Fresh Air
  8. Ode to Wilbur Ware
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