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Track Listing

  1. A Little Bit of Soul [Paul Murphy's Bellanova Mix]
  2. Love Me Sweet [J.C. Concato Remix]
  3. Relaxin' with Cherry
  4. Gypsie Good Time [Waldeck Remix]
  5. A Little Bit of Soul (Howie B's a Wee Bit of «B»
  6. Love Me Sweet [Tommy Hools Remix]
  7. Relaxin' with Cherry [Gak Sato Pre-Echo Mix]
  8. A Little Bit of Soul [Vicarious Bliss Smooth Dub Mix]
  9. She's My Lover [Bang Bang Remix]
  10. Alone Again So [High Llamas Remix]
  11. Gypsie Good Time [Bacuzzi Remix 3]
  12. Love Me Sweet [Saint Etienne Remix]
  13. Gypsie Good Time [Leopard Remix]
  14. A Little Bit of Soul [Jim O'Rourke Remix]
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