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Album Review

Coming from different generations and countries, Ian Gomm and Jeb Loy Nichols may not initially seem to be candidates for collaboration, but the two singer/songwriters share similar roots in soulful country-rock. The pair explore these roots on the quietly wonderful duet album Only Time Will Tell, singing songs composed by several of their mutual idols -- the great Jim Ford, Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, and Clover -- along with throwing a handful of their originals into the mix. Gomm and Nichols aren’t the only players here -- they’re supported by a handful of other veteran roots rockers, most notably Clive Gregson -- but the nice thing about the album is that it’s so intimate that it feels like they’re the only two musicians in the room, just laying back, strumming acoustic guitars and singing some of their favorite tunes. Only Time Will Tell is never more complicated than that, but its simplicity is its charm: all its warmth derives from Gomm's and Nichols' shared love for these songs, and if you happen to also love these songs, it’s hard to resist this record, but if you’re unfamiliar with the tunes, their heartfelt warmth will win you over.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Take This Hurt Off Me
  2. Hold on to a Dream
  3. I'll Take Good Care of You
  4. Snakes and Ladders
  5. Surprise Surprise
  6. Mister Moon
  7. Quiet Life
  8. Hooked on Love
  9. You Must Believe Me
  10. Lovers Walk
  11. Years from Now
  12. Go Through Sunday
  13. No One Loves You Like I Do
  14. I Can't Write Another Song