May 23, 2006
Electronica, Kraut Rock

Album Review

Simply put, 70s Progressives is a Popol Vuh compilation. Four tracks come from the soundtrack to Coeur de Verre, including the amazing "Hüter der Schwelle," which borrows a bit of the riff from the Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs" and turns it into an electro-acoustic raga. Two others come from the lovely Agape-Agape, four others from the very rare Letzte Tage -- Letzte Nächte, and one more from Die Nacht Der Seele: Tantric Songs. The pieces, taken as they are from the mid-'70s, offer a solid look at how Florian Fricke had moved away form his initial obsession with new electronic sounds as explored on the Moog III, and embraced the trance and pulse-like qualities that electronic music offered in an acoustic setting. It also reveals how deeply Fricke began exploring instruments, tonalities, and harmonics from other world cultures. This is a seamless listening experience form front to back and is a fine introduction to Popol Vuh.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Engel der Gegenwart
  2. They Danced, They Loved as of the Old
  3. Lied von Den Hohen Bergen
  4. Hüter der Schwelle
  5. Love-Love
  6. Der Große Krieger
  7. Wo Bist du, Der du Überwunden Hast?
  8. Dort Ist der Weg
  9. In Deine Hände
  10. Der Ruf
  11. Oh Wie Nah Ist der Weg Hinab
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