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Album Review

Ironically, this set of early soca is the best of the Kitchener collections so far. First, it has all his major songs of the 1970s, including the great "Pan in A Minor." Second it shows him contriving, like no other calypsonian of his generation, to move into the new idiom while keeping the freshness and variety of the old one. As a bonus, it's the only example extant of soca's early panache.
John Storm Roberts, Original Music, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Jerico
  2. Pan in "A" Minor
  3. Pan in Harmony
  4. Fever
  5. Sugar Bum Bum
  6. Symphony in "G"
  7. The Symptoms of Carnival
  8. The Bee's Melody
  9. Gimme the Ting
  10. The Spirit
  11. Pan in the 21st Century
  12. Jaws
  13. Curfew Time
  14. Rain-O-Rama
  15. Tribute to Spree Simon