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Album Review

A&M released this 1994 live album not long after their 1993 major-label debut Uncommon Goal. Though only five songs long, Alive and Kickin' clocks in at 39 minutes and 42 seconds! The show was recorded at the Post Office in Augusta, GA, on January 5, 1994. It is arguably the defining Allgood release. The band succeeds where most jam bands fail. Alive and Kickin' showcases memorable choruses and deep grooves. Where a lot of lesser bands meander through songs, Allgood thrashes and rocks. They maintain no sleep-inducing jazz influences. Instead, blazing rock riffs and hard, rhythmic grooves rule the day. The album includes "Blood" (unavailable elsewhere), "Funky House" and Trilogy" from Ride the Bee, "Mornin'" from Uncommon Goal, and a cover of Mel London's "Sugar Sweet" (popularized by Muddy Waters. The standout is undeniably the 16-minute "Trilogy," with the Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley guesting on violin. It is perhaps his best guest spot on any record and one of his most fiery live solos with any band.
"Trilogy" is Allgood's "Free Bird" and has the same propulsive beat and raging melodies. The alternating interplay between Tinsley's violin and guitar solos by both Clay Fuller or John Carter is intense. Hard to believe, but, it is not a second too long. The crowd reaction at the end of each song is near riotous. This is a required purchase for all fans of blues rock, the HORDE scene, jam bands, and good live music. Allgood were the best of 1990s Southern-fried rock and were at the top of the class taught by the Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn.
JT Griffith, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Blood
  2. Funky House
  3. Trilogy
  4. Sugar Sweet
  5. Mornin'