May 15, 1989
Pop/Rock, Surf, Rock & Roll, Hot Rod

Album Review

All the great surf and hot-rod sides from the Challenge label. Features Gary Usher, the Four Speeds, the Knickerbockers, Jan and Dean, the Royal Coachmen, Donna Loren, and the Rhythm Rockers. Powerful genre material -- this is as good as it gets.
Cub Koda, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Burnin' Rubber
  2. The Swim
  3. Loophole
  4. Bite Bite Barracuda
  5. Rendezvous Stomp
  6. Four on the Floor
  7. Cheater Slicks
  8. Midsummer Night's Dream
  9. Twin Pipes
  10. Barefoot Adventure
  11. Twenty-Thousand Leagues
  12. The Ballad of Bonneville
  13. Repeating
  14. Mighty Mighty Barracuda
  15. Power Shift
  16. Mag Wheels
  17. Muscle Bustle
  18. My Sting Ray
  19. RPM
  20. The Party Last Night