Electronica, Techno, Ambient Techno, Club/Dance

Album Review

Sparked by Coldcut's highly-rated Journeys by DJ mix session, Blech is a ransacking of the Warp back-catalog by Coldcut colleagues Strictly Kev and Mr. PC (both of DJ Food), featuring entries from just about every significant Warp artist in the label's eight-plus years in existence. Starting with drum'n'bass and electro, and moving through just about every flavor of contemporary dance-based experimental electronic music, the cassette-only (natch) release serves equally as an introduction to the Warp discography as it does an up-to-the-minute example of cutting-edge freestyle mixology.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. [Untitled Track]
  2. [Untitled Track]
  3. [Untitled Track]
  4. [Untitled Track]
  5. [Untitled Track]
  6. [Untitled Track]
  7. [Untitled Track]
  8. [Untitled Track]
  9. [Untitled Track]
  10. [Untitled Track]
  11. [Untitled Track]
  12. [Untitled Track]
  13. [Untitled Track]
  14. [Untitled Track]
  15. [Untitled Track]
  16. [Untitled Track]
  17. [Untitled Track]
  18. [Untitled Track]
  19. [Untitled Track]
  20. [Untitled Track]
  21. [Untitled Track]
  22. [Untitled Track]
  23. [Untitled Track]