Bear Family Records
Country, Traditional Country, Honky Tonk

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Track Listing

  1. Watermelon Time in Georgia
  2. Roll Big Wheels Roll
  3. Woman, Let Me Sing You a Song
  4. Move to Town in the Fall
  5. Nashville Women [Master]
  6. Goin' Home
  7. Let's Take a Cold Shower
  8. Field of Flowers
  9. Hide
  10. Stone by Stone
  11. Behind Every Good Man There's a Woman
  12. Forgetfulness for Sale
  13. Baby Sister
  14. Goin' Home
  15. Honky Tonk Girls
  16. Babies, Stop Your Crying
  17. The Blues Come In
  18. Treat Yourself Right
  19. Little Sister Throw Your Red Shoes Away
  20. The Old Folks' Home
  21. That's the Way I Talk
  22. Touch of God's Hands [Undubbed]
  23. Come Back and See Us [Undubbed]
  24. This Woman Is Mine
  25. A Mansion on the Hill
  26. Wedding Bells
  27. Don't Let a Little Thing Like That (Stand in Your Way)
  28. You Win Again
  29. Touch of God's Hands [Master]
  30. Come Back and See Us [Master]
  31. Nashville Women [Take 10]
  32. What Will I Live on Tomorrow
  33. Wine, Women and Songs
  34. I'd Rather See You Wave Goodbye
  35. This Where I Came In
  36. What Color Is the Wind
  37. Hazard County Saturday Night
  38. The Rise of Seymour Simmons
  39. How High Does the Cotton Grow, Mama
  40. I've Got to Get Peter Off Your Mind
  41. We Came Awfully Close to Sin
  42. Love and Pearl and Me
  43. She's Always There
  44. I Wish You Would Leave Me Alone
  45. We Sure Danced Us Some Goodn's
  46. Woman You've Got a Hold of Me
  47. Soft and Warm
  48. Surprise Birthday Party
  49. Shadows of My Mind
  50. A Country Singer
  51. Anymore
  52. God Keeps the Wild Flowers Blooming
  53. Giving the Pill
  54. Beautiful Junk
  55. Mowing the Lawn
  56. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus
  57. Clean Your Own Tables
  58. Your Wanting Me Gone
  59. Don't Be Late
  60. Leave Me Alone with the Blues
  61. One More Night to Spare
  62. Only the Shadows Know
  63. Redneck! [The Redneck National Anthem]
  64. Good Old Fashioned Saturday Night Honky Tonk Barroom Brawl
  65. Midnight Memories
  66. Red Hot Women (Ice Cold Beer)
  67. Backslider's Wine
  68. Redneck Roots
  69. Songs That Losers Choose
  70. Images
  71. Brother Jukebox
  72. Kaw-Liga
  73. Your Cheatin' Heart
  74. Hey, Good Lookin'
  75. When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels
  76. Baby We're Really in Love
  77. Wedding Bells
  78. Cold, Cold Heart
  79. I Saw the Light
  80. Setting the Woods on Fire
  81. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)
  82. You Win Again
  83. Jambalaya
  84. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  85. Mansion on the Hill
  86. The Funeral
  87. Nobody's Child
  88. There's a Better Place
  89. Joanna
  90. Who Were Ann and Louis Adams
  91. Mommy Do You Think I'll Get to Heaven
  92. State of Depression
  93. Woman
  94. Maggie the Baby Is Crying
  95. If I Had My Wife to Love Over
  96. I'll Forgive You for the Last Time
  97. If There Was No Country Music
  98. Cattle Call
  99. I Love to Sing
  100. Walkin' My Blues Away
  101. If Kisses Could Talk
  102. Gonna Ease My Worried Mind
  103. No One Is Listening
  104. Turn the Record Over
  105. I Think Living Is Sweet
  106. A Blanket of Stars
  107. The Greatest Stoneface
  108. Rainy Day
  109. (I Just Want) Somebody to Love Me
  110. Let Your Light Shine
  111. Bringing Mary Home
  112. Bad Moon Rising
  113. Letters Have No Arms
  114. Mother's Not Dead, She's Only Sleeping
  115. Honky Tonk Troubles
  116. Daughter of the Vine
  117. They'll Never Take Her Love from Me
  118. Angel Band
  119. Have You Loved Your Woman Today
  120. Lonesome Rainin' City
  121. Veil of White Lace
  122. Sweeter Than the Flowers
  123. Busiest Memory in Town
  124. Wings of a Dove
  125. This World Holds Nothin' Since You're Gone
  126. Family Bible
  127. Always True
  128. Where the Soul of a Man Never Dies
  129. Lord, I've Tried Everything But You
  130. A Better Way of Life
  131. The Uncloudy Day
  132. His and Hers
  133. House of Gold
  134. Baby Sister
  135. Sad Situation
  136. Dust on the Bible
  137. Early Morning Rain
  138. The Last Letter
  139. You're the Reason
  140. Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws Again
  141. Long Black Veil
  142. I Feel Chained