September 01, 1994
Blues, Acoustic Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Regional Blues, Piedmont Blues, Pre-War Country Blues

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Track Listing

  1. How Long, How Long Blues
  2. You Don't Mean Me No Good
  3. New B & O Blues
  4. Prison Bound Blues
  5. My Old Pal Blues
  6. Last Respects (Dedicated to the Memory of Leroy Carr)
  7. Sloppy Drunk Blues
  8. D.B.A. Blues
  9. I'll Take You Back
  10. Sick and Tired of Singing the Blues
  11. New When the Sun Goes Down
  12. Happy Life Blues
  13. When Somebody Loses (Then Somebody Wins)
  14. Ramblin' With That Woman
  15. This Old Life I'm Living
  16. Dumb Tricks Blues [#]
  17. Dumb Tricks Blues
  18. New Orleans Stop Time
  19. You Got to Live and Let Live
  20. Hard Rocks in My Bed
  21. Who's Been Here Today [#]
  22. I Done Caught My Death of Cold
  23. No More Biscuit Rolling Here [#]
  24. No More Biscuit Rolling Here
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