Harkit Records
Vocal Music, Space Age Pop, Cocktail, Alternative/Indie Rock
Teach Me Tiger! represents some kind of absurd apotheosis in post-Julie London pop seduction -- April Stevens' vocals are so breathy that one can't help but wonder whether the poor girl spent the recording session hooked up to a respirator machine. Calculated naughtiness that's ultimately as innocent as a lamb, the album luxuriates in the double entendres and nudge-nudge-wink-wink eroticism of a simpler time. Henri René's lush, knowing arrangements perfectly complement Stevens' starry-eyed interpretations of songs like "Love Kitten," "You and Only You," and "It Can't Be Wrong," adding a much-needed touch of truly adult sophistication to the proceedings. Harkit's 2008 CD reissue also appends a handful of rare tracks from Stevens' tenure with RCA.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi