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Album Review

Originally released on white vinyl as a double set in which one disc was an LP while the other was a 12" EP, Live! In the Air Age is an impressive testament to one of prog rock's more interesting results. Bandleader Bill Nelson is better known for his solo work of the '80s and on, but prior to that he was a burgeoning guitar hero with a blazing style and a talented bunch of players backing him up. Live! In the Air Age touches on a variety of concert highlights, including the sarcastic "Fair Exchange," the leisurely "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape," and the monolithic instrumental version of "Shine," which was originally a much shorter and far less monolithic B-side. The version of "Shine" included here, however (and originally one side of the vinyl 12"), allows Nelson to enjoy a guitar workout that leans toward something other than rock. Overall, an extremely enjoyable live album that never feels like a rehash of the studio material.
Steven E. McDonald, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Life in the Air Age
  2. Ships in the Night
  3. Piece of Mine
  4. Fair Exchange
  5. Mill Street Junction
  6. Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape
  7. Blazing Apostles
  8. Shine [*]
  9. Sister Seagull [*]
  10. Maid in Heaven [*]