March 03, 1997

Album Review

The incredibly scarce output of this British folk revival guitarist is somewhat disparate by comparison to his contemporaries John Renbourn and Bert Jansch. Working in a similar pocket to the duo mentioned, Wizz Jones is highly regarded in the folk revival circuit with nods of due respect from Roy Harper and Ralph McTell over the years. With a couple of major releases a string of independent CDs, singles, and LPs, most of his releases are very hard to come by or are exchanged in collector circles for extraordinary high prices. This archival release from Germany features some variations on songs that are available on his two Scenescof releases and the Magical Flight LP recorded here live in concert. His fingerpicking guitar is absolutely golden, and his voice, which could sub for Burt Jansch on any night, is glorious. Fans of authentic folk and blues should definitely delve into the work of Wizz Jones; don't let the scarcity of this recording put you off. There are three readily available albums -- Magical Flight, Dazzling Stranger and Right Now -- which feature most of these tracks yet lack a special air of intimacy that this live recording holds.
Skip Jansen, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. When I Cease to Care
  2. Legendary Me
  3. Skip Rope Song
  4. If Only I'd Known
  5. Cluck Old Hen
  6. Freudian Slip
  7. Dazzling Stranger
  8. First Girl I Loved
  9. She's Only Waiting
  10. When I Leave Berlin
  11. Country Comfort
  12. Propinquity
  13. Nathaniel
  14. The Man With the Banjo
  15. A Common or Garden Mystery
  16. Womankind
  17. Living Outside the Law
  18. City of Angels