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My Favorite's superb debut translates palpable pre-millennial tension into neon-lit synthesizer drama -- recalling the heyday of the new wave with none of the irony which sinks like-minded retro-futurists from Romania to the Rentals, Love at Absolute Zero is the soundtrack to a youth rebellion that never was, vividly conjuring a teen underworld as romantic as it is claustrophobic. The album is wonderfully sleek and cinematic -- songs like "Absolute Beginners Again" and the remarkable "17 Berlin" unspool like music videos -- and although My Favorite bring to mind the chrome-plated aesthetics of the synth pop era with uncanny accuracy, their songs capture a passion and immediacy which the remote robotics of their antecedents lacked. It's quite simply the best album of 1983, delivered 16 years after the fact.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Absolute Beginners Again
  3. 17 Berlin
  4. The Truth About Lake Ronkonkama
  5. Let's Stay Alive
  6. Go Kid Go
  7. Modulate
  8. Party Crashers
  9. Between Cafes
  10. The Informers
  11. Working Class Jacket
  12. You Belong With Us
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