October 05, 1999
Electronica, Club/Dance, Techno, IDM

Album Review

The follow-up to a very well received major-label debut, Wireless sees Slater expanding his range as a producer into backbeat-driven styles like old-school rap and electro, a far cry from the pummeling techno of his youth but no less intriguing despite the fact. From a lesser techno producer, Wireless would smack of a breakbeat sellout, an album that simply trades in Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim's brand of old-school techno. But just as Moby wisely stuck to his melodic strengths while crafting a breakbeat-inspired album (the same year's Play), Slater never deserts his own strongpoint -- intense, pummeling drum programming. There is a big difference, here; Slater's not just reaching for copies of old blues records and drum breaks. The tracks here are upfront, sinister, electro-inspired throwbacks, songs like "Sum Ton Tin," "Hard Knock Rock," and "Body Freefall, Electronic Inform" that throw dozens of electro effects into the pot with a subtle flair, from deep vocoder vocals to acid squelches to waves of synth menace. Wireless is a listen that's immediately rewarding and compelling.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. In the Pocket
  2. Sum Ton Tin
  3. Hard Silence (Pt. 1)
  4. Sheer Five Five
  5. Let Eat All Vanbrook
  6. Body Freefall, Electronic Inform
  7. You Butterfly
  8. Hard Knock Rock
  9. All Exhale
  10. Bolt Up
  11. I Thought I Knew You
  12. Weave Your Web
  13. Out the Pocket
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