September 21, 1999
Phantom Import Distribution
Electronica, Trip-Hop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Ambient Pop

Album Review

An excellent set compiling Kid Loco's outside productions for like minds (Saint Etienne, Pulp, High Llamas) and less so (Pastels, Talvin Singh, Mogwai, Kat Onoma), the Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches remix album presents Loco-ized versions some justifiably excellent tracks, made even more solid by the producer's knack for balancing old and new influences, and retaining the spirit of the original even while he pulls out his production bag-of-tricks. [The American version trades the Saint Etienne and High Llamas remixes for ones by Gak Sato and Badmarsh & Shri.]
Keith Farley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Viaduct [On the Right Banke of the River Mix]
  2. You Who Are Reading Me Now [Love Experience Mix]
  3. Bipolar Dream [Kid Loco Hip Hop Mix]
  4. Traveller [Once Upon a Time in the East Mix]
  5. La Chambre [Where Were You Mix]
  6. Les Reprouves [Action Time Mix]
  7. A Little Soul [Lafayette Velvet Revisited Mix]
  8. Penetrate [Belleville B-Boy Mix]
  9. The Air I Breathe [Land of 1000 Strings Mix]
  10. Tracy [Playing with the Young Team Mix]
  11. Youpi [Space Spaghetti Mix]
  12. Believe [The Handsome But Stoned Dub Mix]