September 12, 2000
Luaka Bop
Latin, Latin Dance, House, Alternative Latin

Album Review

Perhaps even better than their debut American release, Arepa 3000 proves that los Amigos Invisibles have an unlimited number of musical rabbits to pull out of their hats. This band from Venezuela manages to infuse all of their songs with a funky Latin flavor while tromping through swanky lounges, disco halls, and the occasional horse race. Named after a common Venezuelan food, this band serves up a tasty buffet of sound. It's no wonder they've found themselves on David Byrne's prestigious world label Luaka Bop, which seems to find the best music, regardless of ethnic markings, from around the world.
Stacia Proefrock, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Arepa 3000
  3. La Vecina
  4. Qué Rico
  5. Cuchi-Cuchi
  6. Si Estuvieras Aquí
  7. Masturbation Session
  8. Mami Te Extraño
  9. Mujer Policía
  10. No Le Metas Mano
  11. Amor
  12. Pipi
  13. El Barro
  14. Domingo Echao
  15. Piazo E' Perra
  16. El Baile del Sobón
  17. Fonnovo
  18. Caliente
  19. Llegaste Tarde [Radio Gozadera AM mix]
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