September 26, 2000
Aim Records
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic, AM Pop, Folk-Rock

Album Review

With an intriguing brand of folk-rock that managed to sound both bright and mournful at the same time, the Beau Brummels had a delightful run of singles in 1964 and 1965, including "Cry Just a Little," "Laugh, Laugh," and the Byrdsian (and quite ominous) "Don't Talk to Strangers." Personnel changes and label snafus (they were signed at the time to Autumn Records) kept the group from building forward on this promising start, and these early tracks remain the Beau Brummels' main legacy. This collection from Australia's Aim Records has all the high points from this time period, including the above singles and a handful of songs ("You Tell Me Why," "Still in Love With You Baby," "Gentle Wandering Ways") that are every bit as strong.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Cry Just a Little
  2. Laugh, Laugh
  3. Don't Talk to Strangers
  4. That's Alright
  5. Ain't That Loving You
  6. You Tell Me Why
  7. When It Comes to Your Love
  8. Sad Little Girl
  9. Still in Love With You Baby
  10. Fine With Me
  11. I Want More Loving
  12. In Good Time
  13. Doesn't Matter
  14. Dream On, Dream On
  15. Gentle Wandering Ways
  16. I've Never Known
  17. More Than Happy
  18. Oh, Lonesome Me
  19. They'll Make You Cry
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