October 10, 2000
Celestial Harmonies
New Age, Progressive Electronic, Ethnic Fusion, Contemporary Instrumental

Album Review

This two-CD set is a meditative concept piece inspired by Mt. Kailas, a pyramid-shaped mountain in Western Tibet that's considered holy to the area's Hindus, Buddhists, and Bons (the old religion of Tibet). With lengthy tracks boasting a heavy world music influence, composer/multi-instrumentalist David Parsons' ambient soundscapes are meant to capture a sonic "parikrama," the circumambulation of the mountain that spiritual pilgrims make over the course of three to four days, prostrating themselves at every step. This is deeply contemplative, transcendental music that may prove a tough listen for those with short attention spans, but for those interested in meditation and spiritual contemplation, Parikrama can provide a hypnotic, otherworldly listening experience.
Bret Love, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Darshan
  2. Inward Journey
  3. Parikrama
  4. Devourer of Worlds
  5. Gurla Mandhata
  6. Kang Rinpoche
  7. Dawa Gompa
  8. Tarpoche
  9. Manasarovar II
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