June 29, 2001

Album Review

This record will be warmly welcomed by bossa nova fans, being the record that Sergio Mendes always threatened to make, but never quite managed. Imagine an album that manages to sustain the flavor and airs of Mendes' famous "Mais Que Nada" and you're getting the idea. Beyond mere pastiche however, this is dynamic music played by dedicated musicians with real flair. Surprisingly jazzy in parts, this is music that sneaks up on you, gentle but never fey. Fans of light Latin groove shouldn't be without it.
Rob Ferrier, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Mas Eu Quer Ser
  2. The Tallest Tree
  3. Slow Burning
  4. Brascubas
  5. Friendly Night
  6. Descarga
  7. Hellen Samba
  8. Captivation
  9. Chirpy
  10. Quickly
  11. Fiera
  12. Open Up Your Mind
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