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Album Review

James Hindle's self-titled album displays his soothing voice, strapping guitar, and simple drum work. The music is all kept very simple, with Hindle's trepid voice leading the way into new territory with the break of each passing track. Strings are utilized on some of the songs, adding depth to the album, but not burdening it. While Hindle is by no means groundbreaking, his music is still the type that will cause fans of the singer/songwriter genre to smile and tap their foot along with the slow, steady beat.
Kurt Morris, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Down and Able
  2. Remember My Markings
  3. I Started a Joke
  4. (Masks)
  5. The List of You and Me
  6. Brooklyn Song
  7. Sparky Marcus
  8. Less of Me
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