February 19, 2002
Electronica, House, Acid House, Alternative Dance, Alternative/Indie Rock, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal

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Track Listing

  1. Scrood Bi U
  2. Lover Boy/Lover Girl
  3. Rover Take Over
  4. Pain & Pleasure Concerto
  5. Slave to Love
  6. Sex Bomb
  7. Take Off
  8. Stripper
  9. Lucy's F*ck*ing Sky
  10. Worship the Lords
  11. A Ride With Satan's Little Helpers
  12. Feed My Hungry Soul
  13. I Like It
  14. Surfin' Muncheez
  15. Get Up. Get High
  16. Dark Lover Rising
  17. Kiss Eternal
  18. Lick My Chakra
  19. Glad I'm Not God!
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