September 03, 2002
Castle Music Ltd.
Pop/Rock, Teen Idols

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Track Listing

  1. Three Cute Chicks
  2. Tell Laura I Love Her
  3. Goodbye to Teenage Love
  4. The Girl on the Floor Above
  5. Terry Brown's in Love With Mary Dee
  6. Johnny Remember Me
  7. There Must Be
  8. Wild Wind
  9. You Took My Love for Granted
  10. Voodoo Woman
  11. Can't You Hear the Beat of a Broken Heart
  12. Fabulous
  13. Thunder and Lightning
  14. Oh Lover
  15. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine
  16. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
  17. That's a Woman
  18. Walk With Me My Angel
  19. That's How to Make Love
  20. The Magic of True Love
  21. It's Goodbye Then
  22. Son This Is She
  23. Six White Horses
  24. Lone Rider
  25. Heart of Stone
  26. Who Wants Johnny?
  27. I'm Thankful
  28. Now and Always
  29. A Girl to Love
  30. Radio Luxembourg
  31. Lonely City
  32. It Would Be Easy
  33. Down the River Nile
  34. Think I'm Falling in Love
  35. Lonely Johnny
  36. Keep on Loving You
  37. Cupboard Love
  38. Land of Love
  39. I'll Cut Your Tail Off
  40. The Great Escape
  41. I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down
  42. On Lovers' Hill
  43. Sweet and Tender Romance
  44. Johnny My Johnny
  45. That's the Way It Is
  46. Too Many Late Nights
  47. Lovers' Lane
  48. Funny Man
  49. Another Man
  50. Buona Sera
  51. A Man Is Not Supposed to Cry
  52. How Will It End?
  53. Beautiful Dreamer
  54. I Guess You Are Always on My Mind
  55. Make Love to Me
  56. Missing You
  57. I Want a Love I Can See
  58. Don't Let Her Go Away
  59. All I Want Is You
  60. Every Day's a Holiday
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