September 24, 2002
Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock

Album Review

For the most part, The Naked Ride Home devotes itself to Jackson Browne's two favorite themes -- the slightly melancholy recollections of relationships either failed or failing which dominated albums like The Pretender and Late for the Sky, and socio-political observations of an increasingly chaotic world in the manner of Lives in the Balance and World in Motion. The craft of Browne's songwriting is still strong, and his performances are pin-sharp and passionate. It's clear he still takes the arts of songwriting and recording very seriously.
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Naked Ride Home
  2. The Night Inside Me
  3. Casino Nation
  4. For Taking the Trouble
  5. Never Stop
  6. Walking Town
  7. About My Imagination
  8. Sergio Leone
  9. Don't You Want to Be There
  10. My Stunning Mystery Companion
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