September 03, 2002
Blues, Louisiana Blues, Regional Blues, Swamp Blues

Album Review

In 2002, Ace released Rooster Blues/Bell Ringer, which contained two albums -- Rooster Blues (1960, originally released on Excello) and Bell Ringer (1965, also originally on Excello) -- by Lightnin' Slim on one compact disc.
Gregory McIntosh, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Rooster Blues
  2. Long Leanie Woman
  3. My Starter Won't Work
  4. G.I. Slim
  5. Lightnin's Troubles
  6. Bed Bug Blues
  7. Hoo Doo Blues
  8. It's Mighty Crazy
  9. Sweet Little Woman
  10. Tom Cat Blues
  11. Feelin' Awful Blues
  12. I'm Leavin' You Baby
  13. Love Me Mama
  14. She's My Crazy Little Baby
  15. Have Mercy on Me Baby
  16. Winter Time Blues
  17. If You Ever Need Me
  18. Mean Ole Lonesome Train
  19. Baby Please Come Back
  20. Love Is Just a Gamble
  21. Somebody Knockin'
  22. You Give Me the Blues
  23. Don't Start Me Talking
  24. You Move Me Baby