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Album Review

Non-natives tend to imagine Vancouver, Canada's music community as a chummy group of square pegs who all live and work together in an aging yet still opulent hotel in the center of town. They skew a bit older than the mean age for indie rockers in most cities, they're likely college educated, and the men often sport fanciful beards. This is a myth. But it's nevertheless perpetuated by the Vancouverites' willingness to collaborate with one another, as well as the persistent quality of their output. The Gay are another in these genius-by-committee Vancouver groups. Featuring card-carrying members of Tennessee Twin, Maow, and Superconductor, the Gay's debut is the imaginatively titled three-song EP Gay. It's a mix of male and female vocals, beguiling indie pop cuteness, and an underpinning sense of musical economy that can only come from listening to old pop LPs in the basement of that hometown band hotel. "Fishin' Jim"'s jangling guitar and "ba ba bah"ing is enlivened even more by an understated accordion, while "Vacation" pulls Dusty Springfield into the International Pop Underground. Gay is sure to appeal to fans of the New Pornographers, Carolyn Mark, or the comparatively upbeat moments of Slumber Party. It also (wonderfully) does nothing to dispel outsiders' warped image of Vancouver's thriving scene.
Johnny Loftus, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Fishin' Jim
  2. Vacation
  3. Eye for Love