March 04, 2003
Electronica, Alternative/Indie Rock, Dub, Club/Dance, Alternative Dance, Ambient Pop, Trip-Hop, Electronica

Album Review

Despite flaunting an extroverted persona on his production records, Kid Loco's volume in the Another Late Night series is a very smooth proposition. Wielding the type of atmospheric breaks heard on his first solo album (A Grand Love Story), Jean-Yves Prieur mixes in earthy breakbeats from Aim, the Herbaliser, Underwolves, his French confederates Tommy Hools, and the man himself (an exclusive cover of Gang of Four's "Paralysed"). Every Another Late Night DJ worth his salt has also has to trawl through music's back catalog, and here Prieur proves himself a master; at certain points, he purposefully slows the momentum with a left-field choice like PiL's "Religion 1" or, near the end, Jon Lucien's tender ballad "Rashida." A lock for best transition is the point when the dub detachment of the PiL track caves in to "Uplink," a crashing beat production from Stratus. Also recommended is the Baby Namboos' "Ancoats 2 Zambia," in a dense remix by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Mizrab
  2. Hard Stuff
  3. Ancoats 2 Zambia [Geoff Barrow Mix]
  4. Religion I
  5. Uplink
  6. Barcelone
  7. Cold Spin
  8. Fall Break
  9. Nana Reprise
  10. Tubular Belgian in My Goldfield
  11. Summer Love [Beyond There Mix]
  12. So Blue Its Black [Heavy Manners Mix]
  13. 183 [Head Nod]
  14. Top Dog [New Version]
  15. Wade in the Water/Soldiers Sweetheart
  16. Lilly Hall
  17. The Domino Boys (Pt. 2)
  18. Street Preacher
  19. Spooked
  20. Paralysed
  21. Attitudes
  22. Rashida
  23. Peepshow, Pt. 4