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Album Review

Another leap in musical sophistication made Yello's second album another high point in the development of synth pop. The future of Euro-disco and dance-pop are easily audible from the opening "Daily Disco" and other tracks like "Pinball Cha Cha," "The Evening's Young," and "Cuad el Habib." Though Claro Que Si is slightly more pop-oriented than the group's debut, with Boris Blank's electronics just as innovative and obtuse as before, that's hardly a step backward.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Daily Disco
  2. No More Roger
  3. Take It All
  4. The Evening's Young
  5. She's Got a Gun
  6. Ballet Mecanique
  7. Cuad el Habib
  8. The Lorry
  9. Homer Hossa
  10. Pinball Cha Cha