October 07, 2003
Dischord Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, American Underground

Album Review

If Lungfish is guilty of anything, according to critics, it is sounding like themselves over and over. While this is kinda true to a certain extent, it must be understood that the band is probably aware of this too, and, if anything, many would consider this to be one of the band's strengths. Love Is Love while still fitting the formula of past releases, does manage to inject a bit of new life here. Powerful yet subtle, Love Is Love exposes new ideas over repeated listens and re-energizes an already electric band.
Chris True, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Love Is Love
  2. This World
  3. Fearfully and Wonderfully
  4. Hear the Children Sing
  5. Lay Yourself Aside
  6. Nation Saving Song
  7. Unfold the Leg
  8. No False Suns
  9. Peace Mountains of Peace
  10. Child of Chaos
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