April 20, 2004
EMI/Back Porch
Pop/Rock, Roots Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Album Review

To say that the Subdudes are back is an understatement that doesn't do this disc justice, because this is not a return, but a solid progression. They returned to recording in fantastic form after a nearly nine-year hiatus. The resulting disc has the trademark harmonies, the warmth the group exudes, the strong songwriting, and the rich soul-felt mix of music, all of which have always been characteristic strengths of this group. Their music is a thick gumbo of New Orleans musical traditions: gospel, funk, roots rock, and blues. The music still comes to listeners without any drummer, but with the whole band adding to the percussion. Their sound is warm and close to you; it comes both from the songwriting and their strong harmonies. This incarnation includes three of the original bandmembers -- they are the Subdudes' main strength, providing the intimate songwriting that characterizes the group and serves as the backbone that helps set the Subdudes apart. Tommy Malone, Steve Amedee, and John Magnie are the original members and the songwriting triumvirate. Gone is Johnny Ray Allen (the bassist), replaced by two musicians, Tim Cook (vocals, bass, and percussion) and Jimmy Messa (bass, guitar). If you didn't know them before, be prepared to walk away a fan, and with a smile on your face. They know their strengths and they know how to make a record that always seems to be warm, intimate, and made just to put a happy mood in your mind.
Bob Gottlieb, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Morning Glory
  2. If Wishing Made It So
  3. I'm Angry
  4. Brightest Star
  5. Maybe You Think
  6. Known to Touch Me
  7. Standin' Tall
  8. Don't Doubt It
  9. Mississippi Home
  10. Sound of Her Voice
  11. Oh Baby
  12. The Rain
  13. Miracle Mule