August 10, 2004
Rough Trade
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Chamber Pop

Album Review

Books is the third single from Belle & Sebastian's 2003 album Dear Catastrophe Waitress. "Wrapped Up in Books" comes from the album. The other three songs are exclusive to the EP. While the charming, low-key "Books" is a fine song, it is firmly in the B&S tradition. "Your Secrets" is also pretty typical fare, but very strong and catchy with the added perk of some lovely weeping pedal steel guitar. The real interesting track here is the mini-epic "Your Cover's Blown." It starts off as a slinky disco number with some wonderfully sexy vocals from Stuart Murdoch, has a lovely sunny chorus, and a spooky spy music bridge. Add to it typically literate and funny lyrics and you have a winner that is equal parts Pulp, Squeeze, and always uniquely Belle & Sebastian. The group's creative renaissance continues to amaze. "Cover" is a funky remix of "Your Cover's Blown." The band's Chris Geddes is responsible and he turns the track into a glittering dancefloor confection that wouldn't sound out of place between the Rapture and !!! on indie dance night, or even in a Larry Levan mix. The disc also comes with the usual batch of extras including the sweet video for "Wrapped Up in Books," a video game, and a cartoon gallery. All in all, another classic single.
Tim Sendra, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Your Cover's Blown
  2. Wrapped Up in Books
  3. Your Secrets
  4. Cover (Version)
  5. Wrapped Up in Books [Multimedia Track]