January 31, 2005
Pop/Rock, Teen Idols, Brill Building Pop, Early Pop/Rock, AM Pop

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Track Listing

  1. Love Growth
  2. Nobody Needs Your Love
  3. Looking Thru' the Eyes of Love
  4. Stand by the One Who Loves Me
  5. All My Love
  6. It Hurts to Be in Love
  7. It's Not That I Don't Love You
  8. Only Love Can Break a Heart
  9. (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
  10. The Ship True Love Goodbye
  11. Stop! In the Name of Love
  12. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  13. I Can't Stop Loving You
  14. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
  15. The Rising Tide of Love
  16. True Love Never Never Runs Smooth
  17. I Love You More Today
  18. Save Your Love
  19. There's No Living Without Your Loving
  20. In Love Again
  21. Playing Games of Love
  22. Answer Me, My Love
  23. A Groovy Kind of Love
  24. Garden of Love