Bear Family Records
Pop/Rock, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country, Western Swing, Country-Pop, Rock & Roll, Traditional Bluegrass, Bakersfield Sound, Bluegrass, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan, Close Harmony, Instrumental Country

Album Review

More raw rockabilly and country bop, this time from the vaults of Capitol Records. While the label had Gene Vincent and Esquerita, a quick listen to these will reveal rockabilly sounds with the accent on the 'billy. Skeets McDonald's "You Oughta See Grandma Rock" goes a long way toward defining the compilation's strengths, and Tommy Sands, long thought of as a teen idol singing pop mush, stokes the fires here with "The Worryin' Kind" and "Playin' the Field." While Ferlin Husky masquerading as Simon Crum on "Bop Cat Bop," The Rio Rockers' "Mexicali Baby" and Bobby Lee Trammell's "You Mostest Girl" show the length and breadth of the genre, perhaps the most fascinating earful of all is The Louvin Brothers testing the waters of rockabilly with "Red Hen Hop" and "Cash on the Barrelhead."
Cub Koda, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You Ought a See Grandma Rock
  2. My Little Baby
  3. Sebbin' Come Elebbin
  4. Try Me
  5. Cash on the Barrelhead
  6. The Worryin' Kind
  7. My Gal Gertie
  8. When I Found You
  9. Mr. Big Feet
  10. Cool Down Mame
  11. Party Kiss
  12. There's Gonna Be a Ball
  13. Bob Cat Bop
  14. Jeopardy
  15. Alone With You
  16. Heart-Breakin' Mama
  17. Black Cat [Without Overdub]
  18. Go Ahead On
  19. I Chickened Out
  20. Red Hen Hop
  21. Playin' the Field
  22. I've Had Enough
  23. He's My Baby
  24. My Baby Done Left Me
  25. Party Line
  26. Slow Down Brother
  27. I Went Rockin'
  28. I Can't Dance
  29. Mexicali Baby
  30. You Mostest Girl