April 18, 2005
Spearhead Entertainment
Rhythm & Blues, Alternative Rap, Contemporary R&B, Underground Rap

Album Review

Love Kamikaze: The Lost Sex Singles & Collectors' Remixes is an odds and ends compilation that finds Michael Franti more concerned with matters of the flesh as opposed to matters of state. Not that politics are ever far from Franti's mind, but this time he turns his observations towards interpersonal relationships. Not all the songs are actually about sex (although there's a decidedly "Let's get it on" vibe throughout most of it) and this album is about equal parts contemporary R&B and hip-hop with a nice bossa nova as the leadoff track. Since many of these tracks were recorded for other albums and simply didn't fit, it's somewhat surprising how well this album flows given the time span involved. There are some excellent productions and beats on-board, and the prevalence of Fender Rhodes and strings on the tracks really holds the album together nicely. Since leaving Capitol, Franti has really been expanding on both his own personal sound as well as Spearhead's. Love Kamikaze is another new chapter in their expanding book.
Sean Westergaard, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Love Kamikaze
  2. Love Me Unique
  3. What Happens Next
  4. Stay Human [Streets Are Alive Mix]
  5. I Wish That I Could Be You
  6. Every Single Soul [One-Two Mix]
  7. Keepin' It Natural
  8. Come and Mess with Me
  9. One Minute's All I Need [Big Bass Mix]