August 30, 2005
Fuel 2000
Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Regional Blues

Album Review

The first disc of Fuel 2000's Sonny Boy Williamson Encore Collection features the harmonica great performing live in the early '60s with the Yardbirds and the Animals during a European tour. These tracks are historically significant for fans of those particular bands more so than Rice Miller's performance on them. On the other hand, the second disc, The Blues Harp Heroes, features excellent material, recorded in the late '50s and early '60s, taken from the vaults of independent blues labels Cobra, Jewel, J.O.B., Chief, USA, and Paula. Fantastic tracks by Walter Horton, Junior Wells, Frank Frost, and Snooky Pryor were recorded in their prime, not to mention the inclusion of two unissued rarities by Sonny Boy and one from George "Wild Child" Butler.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bye Bye Bird [Live]
  2. Mister Downchild [Live]
  3. The River Rhine [Live]
  4. 23 Hours Too Long [Live]
  5. A Lost Care [Live]
  6. Take It Easy Baby [Live]
  7. Out on the Water Coast [Live]
  8. Western Arizona [Live]
  9. Slow Walk [Live]
  10. Highway 69 [Live]
  11. My Little Cabin [Live]
  12. Sonny's Slow Walk [Live]
  13. Pontiac Blues [Live]
  14. My Babe [Live]
  15. I Don't Care No More [Live]
  16. Baby Don't You Worry [Live]
  17. Night Time Is the Right Time [Live]
  18. I'm Gonna Put You Down [Live]
  19. Fattening Frogs for Snakes [Live]
  20. Nobody But You [Live]
  21. Bluesy
  22. Have a Good Time
  23. Real Fine Boogie
  24. Little Girl
  25. Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket
  26. If the Four Winds Don't Change
  27. When the Cat's Gone the Mice Play
  28. Honky Tonk
  29. Runnin' Drunk
  30. Harp and Soul
  31. Need My Baby
  32. I'm Getting Tired
  33. Just Whaling
  34. Steady Rollin' Man
  35. Put It All in There
  36. Calling All Blues