January 10, 2006
Jazz, Dance Bands, Big Band, Early Jazz, Sweet Bands

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Track Listing

  1. I'm Comin' Virginia
  2. Jamboree Jones
  3. Aunt Hagar's Blues
  4. I Used to Be Colour Blind
  5. Peelin' the Peach
  6. There's No Place Like Your Arms
  7. Never Felt Better, Never Had Less
  8. Mutiny in the Nursery
  9. Jeepers Creepers
  10. I Go for That
  11. Heat Wave
  12. Home Again Blues
  13. I've Found a New Baby
  14. Rose Room
  15. Blue Skies
  16. What'll I Do
  17. I Kiss Your Hand Madame
  18. After You've Gone
  19. Hooray for Spinach
  20. Step Up and Shake My Hand
  21. Mandy
  22. Lazy
  23. The Hot Gavotte
  24. The Hoirigar Schottische
  25. Rain
  26. At the Story Book Ball