October 17, 2006
Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Boogie Rock, Arena Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Uncle Lijah
  2. Hot and Nasty
  3. Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
  4. When Electricity Came to Arkansas
  5. Keep the Faith
  6. Fever in My Mind
  7. White Headed Woman
  8. Gravel Roads
  9. Fertile Woman
  10. Mutants of the Monster
  11. Gettin' Kinda Cocky
  12. Hot Rod
  13. Swimmin' in Quicksand
  14. Happy Hooker
  15. Red Hot Lovin'
  16. Jim Dandy
  17. High 'N' Dry
  18. Sting Me
  19. Son of a Gun
  20. Dixie
  21. Everybody Wants to See Heaven "Nobody Wants to Die"
  22. Taxman
  23. Fancy Nancy
  24. Back Door Man
  25. Diggin' for Gold
  26. Cryin' Shame
  27. Hey Ya'll
  28. Strong Enough to Be Gentle
  29. Rock 'N' Roll
  30. So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
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