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Album Review

A massive 120-voice group led by one of gospel's greatest creative figures, and featuring some of Bradford's greatest songs ("I Want to Ride That Train to Glory," "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody," "He Stays in My Room," "The Lord Will Make a Way [Somehow]"), plus a fabulous "The Lord's Prayer." Extensive annotation by Leonard Goines. Produced by John Hammond but that meant he left Bradford alone to get the sounds down his way. And it worked, big time.
Dave Marsh, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Want to Ride That Glory Train
  2. You've Got to Bear the Consequence
  3. Heaven Belongs to You (If You Live Right)
  4. Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody
  5. He Stays in My Room
  6. Sweet Jesus
  7. You Can't Make Me Doubt Him
  8. He Is Such an Understanding God
  9. I Can Call Him (He Always Answers Me)
  10. Restore Unto Me (The Joy of Thy Salvation) [#]
  11. The Lord's Prayer [#]
  12. The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
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