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Pop/Rock, Synth Pop, New Romantic, Dance-Rock, Punk/New Wave, New Wave

Album Review

It all came together for Heaven 17 on this album, and as a result it is by far their strongest, most brilliant album. Combining their various influences (including R&B, pop, dance, electronica), Heaven 17 fused these styles together to create an almost perfect sound. There is simply not a weak track on the album. Highlights are numerous, including the very long but very wonderful "And That's No Lie." A strong melody, stunning vocals from Glenn Gregory, and tight production equal a fascinating glimpse into the human struggle. Adding a number of session players, including a guitarist, Heaven 17 was able to expand and build on their solid sound. Gregory is also allowed to branch out on this album and write more personal and political statements that were not clearly heard on their first two albums. Fans will not be disappointed, and in fact, this could be the album to win new fans over. "Sunset Now," "Flamedown," and the brilliant "This Is Mine" are just a few of the reasons for this album's greatness.
Aaron Badgley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Five Minutes to Midnight
  2. Sunset Now
  3. This Is Mine
  4. The Fuse
  5. Shame Is on the Rocks
  6. The Skin I'm In
  7. Flamedown
  8. Reputation
  9. And That's No Lie
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